Our executives are capable of evaluating any kind of investment through an internationally established network of investment opportunities. We even invest in sectors that have unique and untapped potential in conditions of macroeconomic volatility.

CityRealty.GR Real Estate Services

The company specializes in finding and promoting luxury real estate, mainly in highly commercialized areas. It consists of a team of experienced consultants, engineers, and brokers who have excellent knowledge of the local real estate markets. It has achieved to negotiate high commercial real estate on behalf of significant clients. The company has branches in Athens, Beirut, and Belgrade.

Logistic Services Belgrade

Τhe Group entered the logistics market dynamically by investing in the construction of a well-stocked 1,200 sq.m. storage area in Belgrade. All logistics services are provided on-site in the most modern and fully automated way.

Construction Services Belgrade

The company marks a successful and upward course in Serbia, with increasing credibility in the technical works field. It is active in the design and construction of private and public works. Also, it is distinguished for its responsible executives and for the flawless execution of all the projects it undertakes. Last but not least, the company has established a relationship of trust with its customers over the years.

Arvanitakis Hotels Constructions

Arvan Hotels Constructions has completed over the last 20 years  more than 140 projects. Its competent executives and subcontractors have the ability to complete within a tight schedule any demanding technical work of high quality.